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South Africans living overseas can now join the DA!

Become a member of the DA Abroad

Join the DA Abroad today and get involved in the future of our country!

The DA Abroad has come leaps and bounds since we first started in 2009. It was in London when South Africans queued in Trafalgar Square to vote in the national elections where it all started. Since then, we have grown the DA’s overseas supporters network around the world across Europe, Australia, China and the US, not just by running campaigns and elections, but also showing that South Africa’s democracy is alive and that we all want to be part of that future.

To that end we are also pleased to officially launch DA overseas membership today. Now we, as South Africans living abroad can sign up as fully fledged members of the DA and increase our presence around the globe. International awareness and influence is a powerful force in national politics, and through our membership we can help contribute to steering our country’s future.

We’ve got an exciting year ahead in 2016 and beyond, and it would be great if you were a part of it.  Click on the button below and be sure to select “International Paid Member” to become a member of the DA Abroad.

Join the DA: https://www.da.org.za/get-involved/join-the-da/